Events and Meetings

This page is dedicated to the various events / workshops / conferences / meetings which are appropriate to the members of LATA. 

If you have an event that you would like to have posted by the LATA, please contact the LATA Secretary for additional information.

Upcoming events

    • 01/19/2019
    • 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
    • Lafayette, LA


    EPIC Education & Consulting will be hosting a two (2) hour EBP CEU course during the Winter Business Meeting from 8-10AM.   All registration will be done on site the morning of.  Attendees should see linked PDF registration form and complete prior to arrival.  
    Course Registration is $40 for attendees wishing to earn the 2 EBP CEUs.  JD Boudreaux has graciously volunteered to donate a portion of registration fees back to LATA.  Thanks JD! 

    Updated Event Schedule:

    Saturday - January 19th

    • 8:00 am  -  Executive Committee Meeting
    • 8:00 am - EBP course (2 hours) (registration form)
    • 10:30 am - Committee Meetings (Committee Interest Form)
    • 12:00 pm - General Business Meeting 
    • 2:00 pm - Regional Rep Council

    The 2019 Winter Meeting will be hosted by LATA Executive Committee in Lafayette on January 19th, 2019

    Anyone is welcome to attend the meetings and events listed below.  LATA membership is needed in order to vote in any LATA business during the Winter Business Meeting.

    Other Event Information


    Location: Bourgeois Hall - 225 Cajun Dome Blvd, Lafayette LA 70506. Once in the building take first left towards class rooms and follow the LATA directional signs.  Room 138 will host the General Business Meeting and 136-B will host the Executive Committee Meeting. 

    Parking: Will be near the entrance to the building, first come first serve basis.  Heads up, there will be another event in the building this day... but University parking rules will be in effect and preferred parking may be limited.
    Hotel Note:  If needed, members are responsible for their own hotel arrangements for the meetings.

    LATA Membership Info: Please contact LATA Secretary directly at latasecretary@gmail for any membership related questions.
    CEU Information: Currently there is no Education component to this Business Meeting, however, the Executive Committee is working on having possible CE Component to meeting.

    Schedule: Executive Committee Meeting 8am, Committee Meetings 10:30am, General Business Meeting 12pm, Regional Rep Committee Meeting 2pm.

    On behalf of the Executive Committee, we look forward to welcoming everyone on the campus of UL this Saturday and safe travels to everyone coming in from across the state!      


    LATA is recognized by the Board of Certification, Inc. to offer continuing education for Certified Athletic Trainers.


Past events

06/28/2018 2018 LATA Social @ NATA
06/28/2018 2018 LATA Awards Presentation & Summer Business Meeting
04/17/2018 LATA Capitol Hill Day April 17, 2018
02/09/2018 Nomination Period for Open Executive Committee Positions - Ends 2/9/18
01/13/2018 2018 LATA Winter Buisness Meeting
12/08/2017 2017 LATA HOF Enshrinement of Dr Mike Branch
06/02/2017 2017 LATA Summer Educational Symposium
04/19/2017 LATA Capitol Hill Day NOW APRIL 19, 2017
04/04/2017 2017 LATA Sponsorship Program
04/03/2017 2017 LATA Summer Syposium Save the Date
04/01/2017 2017 Student Leadership Conference - Spring Fling
12/04/2016 2016 LATA Winter Buisness Meeting
06/22/2016 2016 NATA Annual Meeting and Clinical Symposia
06/01/2016 2016 LATA Summer Educational Symposium
05/31/2016 2016 EBP Pre-conference Workshop
05/23/2016 2016 Athletic Training Capital Day
04/15/2016 2016 LATA Awards and Scholarship Nominations OPEN
03/21/2016 Voting is open for President and President-Elect
02/05/2016 Nomination Period for President and Vice President Deadline
12/12/2015 2015 LATA Winter Meeting
07/15/2015 Secondary School Services Mapping
06/23/2015 2015 NATA Annual Meeting and Clinical Symposia
06/02/2015 LATA Injuries in Running Clinic
06/02/2015 2015 LATA Summer Educational Symposium
06/02/2015 2015 EBP Pre-conference Workshop
04/29/2015 Athletic Training Capitol Day
03/31/2015 "Pair it Together" Shoe Drive
12/13/2014 2014 LATA Winter Meeting
06/25/2014 2014 NATA Annual Meeting and Clinical Symposia
06/06/2014 Throwing Biomechanics Break-out Session
06/05/2014 LATA Committee Meeting
06/05/2014 2014 LATA Summer Educational Symposium
04/30/2014 Athletic Training Capitol Day
04/23/2014 Health and Welfare Committee Hearing
03/15/2014 Region 1 and 3 Meeting (New Orleans and Baton Rouge)
03/12/2014 Contact your Legislator NOW!
03/09/2014 Region 6 Meeting (Lake Charles Area)
02/15/2014 Manual Therapy of the Upper Extremity
01/30/2014 Membership Survey
01/19/2014 The Louisiana Marathon - Volunteer Oppourtunity
01/10/2014 ACES BOC Preparatory Workshop
12/14/2013 2013 LATA Winter Symposium
12/13/2013 Hall-of-Fame Enshrinement Ceremony
07/20/2013 LATA Treasurer Special Election
06/24/2013 2013 NATA Annual Meeting and Clinical Symposia
06/07/2013 LATA Vice President Election
06/06/2013 2013 LATA Summer Educational Symposium
06/01/2013 Organizational Affairs Committee - Bylaws Review
05/22/2013 Hit the Capitol Day
03/08/2013 38th Annual SEATA Clinical Symposium and Members Meeting
01/31/2013 28th Annual SEATA Athletic Training Student Symposium
12/08/2012 2012 Winter Symposium and Business Meeting
12/07/2012 Hall-of-Fame Enshrinement Ceremony
06/07/2012 2012 Governmental Affairs Fundraiser & Summer Social
06/07/2012 Governmental Affairs Pre-Conference Workshop: Legislative Grassroots 101
06/07/2012 LATA 2012 Summer Symposium
03/25/2012 On-line LATA Awards and Scholarship Applications
12/15/2011 LATA Shirt Order
12/10/2011 2011 Winter Symposium and Business Meeting
07/15/2011 Special Meeting of the Secondary School Committee
06/21/2011 2011 LATA Awards Reception
06/20/2011 SEATA Members Meeting (2011 NATA)
06/20/2011 LATA Business Meeting (2011 NATA)
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