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  • 07/15/2015
  • NATA On-line Survey

TO:  Athletic Trainers in the Secondary School Setting

The NATA Secondary School Athletic Trainers Committee (SSATC) is pleased to be partnering with the Korey Stringer Institute (KSI) to collect more information and update current information from our secondary school members on a project called ATLAS. ATLAS stands for Athletic Training Location and Services. It is our hope that this collection of information will become a regular occurrence so that we have an up to date conduit to reach all of our SS AT members. With this project, we are looking for assistance from you, your state secondary school committee as well as all of your members that work in the secondary school setting.

Louisiana has been chosen as one of the test states because of your active secondary school committee and your previous involvement with a mapping/data collection project. We hope that once your state has sent out an email to all of your SS AT's with the attached link to your states zee map, that they will take the 5-10 minutes to find their school, check for accurate and complete the survey information and make any corrections or additions as needed.  It is important that they complete all of the questions. 


    1. LATA Event Announcement #1:  June 30th
    2. LATA Event Announcement #1:  July 6th
    3. LATA Event Announcement #1:  July 10th
    4. LATA Regional Representatives to contact members
    5. LATA SS Committee members to contact members
LATA is being asking that you complete the data collection by July 30th, 2015.  The picture below is a screen shot of Louisiana:

Once you have completed your survey we value input that will help us make this an easier process in every state. Your feedback is critical for the success of this joint venture.


If you are an AT providing athletic training services in the secondary school setting, please complete this survey:

CLICK HERE to complete this quick survey so we can get your current information on the service you provide!!!

If you have any questions prior to sending out, feel free to contact me via email or by the information listed in my signature below.

Thank you in advance for your support and participation in this important project.

Larry Cooper, MS, LAT, ATC
Penn-Trafford High School
 Alex Dibbley, MA, LAT, ATC
Lake Charles-Boston Academy of Learning

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