Athletic Training in the Secondary School Setting

This page is designed to provide educational resources and materials to ATs working in the secondary schools setting in Louisiana. 

ACT 259 : relative to the health and safety of students who participate in school-sanctioned athletics; to provide for an emergency action plan;  to provide for coaches certification program; to provide for sports injury  management program; to provide definitions; and to provide for related matters.

Football PAC Protocol


See below for a 5-minute video detailing LHSAA Football PAC procedures. Recent changes in state law, BESE policy, and LHSAA guidelines mandate that host schools have venue-specific Emergency Action Plans. Note the updated 2021 protocol defers emergency planning sections of the PAC checklist (security and medical) to the home administration. The host principal or designee and Referee share responsibilities to discuss PAC items:

·    Introductions

·    Security (home admin led)

·    Medical (home admin led)

·    Timing (Referee led)

·    Weather (Referee led)

·    Sportsmanship (Referee led)

Review links below for revised PAC procedures and checklist.

·    Click here to view LHSAA Football PAC Guidelines Video

·    Click here to view LHSAA Football PAC Checklist

Please let us know if you have any question or need additional information. Thanks.



Lee Sanders

LHSAA Director of Officials

    Educational Resources   

Pre Activity Conference  Sample Video

      Compliance and Medical Forms

Louisiana State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE)

Bulletin 135 - Health and Safety

Revised January 2019


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