CINDY BISHOP (Lobbyist)              

Lobbying is at the heart of Checkmate Strategies. The art of lobbying entails representing the legislative needs of our clients before the legislative branch of state government. Lobbying is a highly specialized activity that requires someone who communicates well, is honest and credible, and can provide lawmakers with reliable information to help educate themselves on issues that they need to understand.

There are 105 State Representatives and 39 State Senators. This is a lot of ground to cover. However, as your lobbying team, Checkmate Strategies has the experience and connections necessary to help our clients achieve results. In addition to the relationships we maintain with state legislators and our congressional delegation, Checkmate Strategies maintains relationships with business and industry folks, lobbyists and constituencies. 

Checkmate Strategies has mastered the strategies to help our clients gain the benefit of our knowledge. Let our team help you to grow your organization and become a more effective “player” in the legislature arena.


  • Louisiana Orthopaedic Association- statewide non-profit professional membership organization that represents the interests of orthopaedic surgeons and the patients they serve. 
  • Childcare Association of Louisiana- statewide nonprofit professional membership organization that represents the interests of licensed early learning (child care) centers.  
  • Louisiana Alliance on School-Based Heath statewide nonprofit professional membership organization that represents the interests of school based health clinics.
  • Louisiana Ambulatory Surgery Center Association -  statewide nonprofit membership organization that represents the interests of the licensed ambulatory surgery centers and the patients they serve.
  • Louisiana Society of Hearing Aid Specialists -non-profit membership organization that represents licensed hearing aid specialists
  • Louisiana Athletic Trainers Association- nonprofit professional membership organization that represents certified athletic trainers and advocates for the health and safety of youth participating in sports

  • Louisiana Justices of Peace and Constables  Association -statewide non-profit membership organization that represents elected Justices of the Peace and Constables 

LATA in ACTION: 2019 the LATA hosted several Regional Area Meet and Greets to visit with local leaders to discuss the role an Athletic Trainer plays in the healthcare of patients at the Secondary School level.

Thank you to Representatives, Senators, and Special Guest. 




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