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  • 03/12/2014
  • 03/13/2014
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   Representative Chris Broadwater (Hammond) has filed the proposed changes to the Athletic Trainer's Law - House Bill 691.  (Their is a correction: Page 3, Line 1, remove "assessment and".  This language was removed and will not be included in the bill.)

View and Check Status of HB 691 -  Click HERE

We need your help by contacting YOUR Legislator and ask him/her for their support of this bill.  This is a critical step in the legislative process.  The Legislators want to hear from their constituents on issues that matter to you!

Who is my Legislator?  Please  click HERE

Please find attached a spreadsheet listing all Legislators with their email addresses and phone number.  We ask that you send one email to two addresses for each Legislator.  They are labeled "To email address" and then a "CC email address".  One will go to the Legislator and then one will go to their office email.  Any Legislator serving on a Health and Welfare Committee needs to be contacted (they are identified on this list).

Contact Information on Legislators (Excel)

What to say? (Copy and Paste this into your email)

Dear Representative/Senator _______,

My name is _____ and am an athletic trainer from ______.  I would like to ask for your support for House Bill 691 by Representative Broadwater.  This bill looks to:

1.    Changes "certification" to "licensure"

  • Updates the regulation of Athletic Training in Louisiana to require a license to practice
2.    Eliminate outdated verbiage (26+ years old)        
  • Eliminates and updates LSBME language to reflect current Board policies and procedures
  • Updates current minimum education and training requirements  for licensure        

3.    Provides clarification and improves the supervisory role of the team or consulting physician    

This bill has the support of our regulating body, the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners and the Louisiana Medical Society has no opposition to the bill . I would really appreciate your consideration of this bill. If I can answer any question that you may have, please let me know. Thanks for your support!

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