Creation of Athletic Trainer Professional Development Program within the Department of Education (LDE). Requires the LDE to develop, administer, and implement a plan for recruitment and retention of athletic trainers at high schools in rural areas.

Effective Date: January 1, 2023

Implementation may include advertising and promotion, professional recruitment services, travel, and all other necessary tasks, not to exceed $75,000. Within three months of the effective date of the proposed legislation, the LDE shall begin to administer a loan repayment program for athletic trainers willing to work for a high school in a rural area. Loans shall be repaid at the following rates: $6,000 per year of service if the applicant obtained a degree from a Louisiana institution; or $4,000 per year of service if the applicant obtained a degree outside of Louisiana. Creates the Athletic Trainer Professional Development Fund to be used for programs in the proposed legislation. Authorizes the Treasurer to deposit $1.5 M into the fund. Proposed legislation effective when an act of the legislature containing a specific appropriation of monies for implementation becomes effective.

La ACT 495

Professional Development Program


1. You must be a Licensed Athletic Trainer in good standing with the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners

2. You must have an National Providers Number

3. Complete 1 year/ 365 as Licensed Athletic Trainer in Louisiana High School. 

   a. Employed by School Board  

   b. Contracted to School by Outside Entity

4. Employment High School must be placed in a RURAL AREA(defined as a parish with a population of fewer than 110,000 persons as the most recent federal decennial census.)

5. Currently have financial aid debt via the (FAFSA) or other credible agency.

6.  Complete and submit application form (link below)

7. Board approval and distribution

8. Award Amount: The award is based on financial need of the student. The award may not exceed $6,000.00 per year.

a. Applicants that display a Masters of AT degree from a Louisiana educational institution  may earn up to $6000 per year.

b. Applicants that obtained a Masters of AT degree from outside a Louisiana educational institution  may earn up to $4000 per year.

7. Payments will credited toward current loan debt and will not be utilized for reimbursement of any prior loan re-payments.  

Duration: The award is for a period of one year but may be renewable for up for four years upon resubmission of an application each year.

Timeline To Apply : (Currently, we are still in the preliminary stage of creating and approving criteria. This criteria must be presented and approved by BESE with management of assets controlled by an approving board of directors.) 

Where To ApplyThe application will be available on starting JULY 1st and will be removed from the page on the closing date of OCTOBER 31st.

Note: You may not receive this benefit for the same qualifying payment or period of service for Athletic Trainer Professional Development Program within the same year. 

Note: You may receive this benefit over 5 consecutive years as to not exceed $30,000. 

Note: This is a limited waiver temporarily waives this restriction for individuals who previously received Teacher/Athletic Trainer  Loan Forgiveness.

NOTE: LATA is in the preliminary stages of development where items will be submitted to the Louisiana Dept. of Education by June 30, 2024.  

Click here to submit 

Application Form

The application to apply for The Athletic Trainer Professional Development Program

is short and straightforward. In order to apply, first go to the official application link below and complete the questionnaire. 





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