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In 1980 athletic trainers from throughout Louisiana met at Southwestern Louisiana (ULL) to form a professional organization to enhance the profession on Athletic Training in the state.  The first officer were: Jim Murphy as President, Mayfield Armstrong as Vice President, Dell Flair as Secretary and Floyd Cheek as Treasurer.  A Committee consisting of David Giardina, Gary Lewis and Bob Goodwin were charged with getting by-laws for the new organization.  During the meeting Bob Goodwin made a motion to create a Hall of Fame for our state.  The Hall of Fame would tell the story of the creation, growth and expansion of the Athletic Training Profession in Louisiana.  The motion passed and Mayfield Armstrong became the committee's first Chairman.  In 1986 the Hall of Fame was put on display in the Louisiana Superdome. The site was arranged by Dean Kleinschmidt, then Head Athletic Trainer with the New Orleans Saints.  The design of the display was done by Mark Dusing, Head Athletic Trainer at the University of New Orleans.  The Hall of Fame is open to athletic trainers, physicians and individuals who had a significant effect on athletic training in Louisiana.

Take a look at a bit of history of the Hall of Fame Inductee's and history of athletic training here.


Recognize and honor those members of our state who have served and demonstrated outstanding and unusual service to LATA and the profession of Athletic Training.      


The Hall of Fame Committee Chairman is appointed by the President of the Association and the committee is made of five members appointed by the Chairman.  By tradition, the chairman and the committee members must be current members of the Hall of Fame. 


  • The committee shall set up qualifications, to review nominations for the Association’s Hall of Fame and then select the recipient(s) of this honor.        
  • The nomination process is designed to be fair and objective to recognize those members who have performed extraordinary service and brought honor to the profession of athletic training particularly at the state level. Service at local, state, and national levels is considered but service to the LATA is the primary consideration.
  • Nominations may be made by any certified member of the LATA and is in good standing. Nominations must be submitted via the LATA website on or before September 1 prior to the induction year.
  • Application forms are available on the LATA website.
  • Nominating members and nominees are encouraged to contact the LATA Hall of Fame Committee Chair with any questions regarding the form or process.
  • Nominating members are encouraged to assist the nominee in the application completion and submission process as soon as the nominating member initiates the nomination.
  • Application forms are to be sent by email (preferred) or mail to the LATA Hall of Fame Committee Chair on or before September 15h prior to the induction year.
  • Completed application nomination and materials will be sent to each LATA Hall of Fame Committee member no later than October 1.
  • Award presentation will take place during the Annual Summer Symposium.  The LATA Hall of Fame Committee will insure that a LATA Hall of Fame member is required to provide the lead introduction for the inductee’s formal presenter and/or the inductee.
  • The Hall of Fame Committee may petition the LATA Executive Committee to suspend the nomination/application/acceptance process as stated above due to extraordinary circumstances.  The extraordinary circumstances include, but are not limited to:  terminal illness, loss of life, etc. that has incurred outside the established policy deadlines.     




Dean Kleinschmidt






If you are interested in getting more information or would like to serve on this committee, please complete the Committee Interest form (CLICK HERE to complete an online form).
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