LATA Committee Structure


Bylaw VI:  Standing Committees:  The standing committees for the Association shall be 1) Executive Committee, 2) Professional Development, 3) Ethics Sub-Committee, 4) Financial Affairs, 5) Governmental Affairs, 6) Hall of Fame, 7) Organizational Affairs, 8) Public Relations, 9) Regional Representatives Sub-Committee, 10) Secondary School

* AdHoc - Ethics and Diveristy Committee and LGBTQ Committee

VI.1.1. Each committee shall be composed of a minimum of five (5) Professional-members, unless otherwise noted in policies and procedures, who are in good standing with the Association, with one of the members being the chairperson. The Executive Committee shall solicit the membership with a committee interest form to identify members to be appointed to each committee. The chairperson, with the approval of the President, shall select committee members.

VI.1.2. All chairpersons must hold state certification, exclusive of the Hall of Fame Committee, and shall be appointed by the President, with Executive Committee approval.

VI.1.3. A member of the organization can only be involved with one (1) committee at a time, except with the approval of the President.

VI.1.4. Each committee may seek funding from the Executive Committee by presenting a budget with justification prior to the spending of any money. The Committee Chair shall have the responsibility for obtaining and must present an invoice to the treasurer prior to reimbursement for any money spent on behalf of the Association.

VI.1.5. The Executive Committee, must have the general membership approval for any amount over $2,500.00 per calendar year.

VI.1.6. The Executive Committee may add an Ad-hoc Committee as needed.

The eleven (10) committees for the organizational structure of the Louisiana Athletic Trainers' Association are listed below.  Each member of the Association is asked to offer his/her time and talents by joining one of these committees.  If you are interested in joining a committee, please review the following to learn more on each committee.

Executive   Committee

The Executive Committee shall serve as the governing body pf : ATA.  The Officers are responsible for the development of a course of action for the association to follow and agendas for the general business meeting. The executive committee shall be responsible for retaining a lawyer to represent the Association, when necessary, on matters dealing with Athletic Training within the State of Louisiana.

Professional Development


The purpose of the Education Committee will strive to improve expertise, knowledge, and functional skills of the profession of Athletic Training. The Director of Continuing Education shall be a standing member of this committee. The Education committee shall be responsible for setting up qualifications, reviewing nominations, and voting on nominees for the LATA educational awards.

Ethics Sub-Committee

The members of this committee serves as a sub-committee under the Executive Committee.  The purpose of this committee shall be to promote good moral and ethical standards of professional practice for athletic trainers in Louisiana.

Financial Affairs Committee

The purpose of this committee shall be to deal with all aspects of financial matters concerning the Association on behalf of the membership in regards to generating revenues. The committee shall be responsible for pursuing and collecting applicants for Corporate Sponsorships.

Governmental  Affairs Committee

The purpose of the Governmental Affairs Committee is to organize and lobby for legislation in the best interest of the profession of athletic training and the health care and welfare of the physically active. The committee will also be responsible for keeping a watch on all governing boards on any matters that might concern our Association and/or law. The Governmental Affairs Committee shall have an Ethics Sub-Committee. The members of the Ethics Sub-Committee will be to make sure that only the highest professional standards and ethics are employed by the association and by each member.

Hall of Fame Committee

The purpose of the Hall of Fame Committee shall be to set up qualifications, to review nominations for the Association's Hall of Fame and then make the necessary recommendations to the Executive Committee. The committee will also be responsible for obtaining and maintaining a history of all Hall of Fame members, past and future, of the association. This committee shall be comprised of only Hall of Fame members.

Organizational Affairs Committee

The purpose of the Organizational Affairs Committee is to add, update, and/or assist in the amending of any proposed changes to the Association's By-Laws and other tasks that affect the Association. The Secretary shall serve as a standing committee chairman of this committee.

Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations Committee shall promote the profession of athletic training and the members and function of the Association to the public. The members of the Public Relations Committee is to promote business and educational meetings, report the outcomes and findings of these meetings to the membership and to the public through a minimum of three annual newsletters, to provide education and information relevant to the profession for the Association.

Regional Representatives 

The State of Louisiana shall be divided up into nine (9) regions, as determined by the Executive Committee, based on number of athletic trainers and employment settings within a geographical area. Each Region shall have an appointed Chair for the respective Region, for which that Chair is automatically appointed to this committee.  This group serves as a sub-committee under the Executive Committee.

Ethics and Diversity Committee



Committee on


The EDAC serves in an advisory capacity to the Executive Committee, aiming to identify and address issues relevant to the ethnically diverse populations to better serve the needs of both patients and fellow athletic trainers. EDAC advocates sensitivity toward cultural diversity, development of cultural competence within the profession and promotion of athletic trainers as leaders in issues related to cultural competence and professional diversity within the health care professions.

The LGBTQ Committee on Inclusion advocates for an environment of inclusion, respect, equity and appreciation of differences in both athletic trainers and their diverse patient populations. The committee will identify, explore, address and provide educational resources regarding emerging topics and concerns relevant to diverse sexualities, gender identities and gender expressions within the profession and health care topics affecting patients in the LGBTQ   community. 

Secondary School Committee

The purpose of the Secondary School Committee shall be to further the advancement of athletic training in the secondary school setting.  Members of this committee will be working with the Louisiana High School Athletic Association (LHSAA) and the Sports Medicine Advisory Committee of the LHSAA. 


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