Financial Affairs Committee



 The purpose of the Financial Affairs Committee shall be to deal with all aspects of financial matters concerning the Association on behalf of the membership. The Treasurer shall serve as a standing chairperson of the committee.   The committee shall be responsible for pursuing and collecting applicants for Corporate Sponsorships.  Any applications for Corporate Sponsorship must be submitted to the Executive Committee for approval.    


 Financial Affairs Committee should be composed of the LATA Treasurer who serves as the Chairperson, and three (3) LATA professional members in good standing with the LATA who do not serve on the LATA Executive Committee.


  • Review the annual budget of the LATA, Inc. and make recommendations to the LATA Executive Committee for approval and dissemination to the LATA membership.        
  • To provide the LATA Executive Committee with quarterly financial reports and upon LATA Executive Committee approval, dissemination to the LATA membership. 
  • To provide for the LATA Executive Committee and the LATA membership an annual report at the LATA Annual Summer Business Meeting.
  • Recommend to the LATA Executive Committee, policies and procedures with respect to income, expenditures, and investments of LATA, Inc.      







If you are interested in getting more information or would like to serve on this committee, please complete the Committee Interest form (CLICK HERE to complete an online form).
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